Differences a Car Accident LawyerSees in 18-Wheeler Accidents

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There are differences between 18 wheeler accidents and the usual car accident case, which may seem like common sense. The 18-wheeler is much larger than a car, small truck, or motorcycle, so it is almost inevitable that the severity of the accident is going to be extreme.

The severity of the accident is a very important consideration when filing a car accident claim. Being that USA is home to major highways like the I-15 corridor that have an abundance of trucks and other large trucks making deliveries in and out of California so it isn’t odd why these accidents happen. Tired truck drivers, negligent motorists, heavy loads, and impaired drivers are some of the reasons why accidents involving 18-wheeler’s happen. A qualified Sacramento truck accident lawyer or for those in Southern California, a good Riverside truck accident attorney can be a very helpful resource in such a situation.


Why These Cases are Handled Differently

A law firm serving Utah, Washington and Idaho knows that these cases have to be handled differently. Read reviews for Craig Swapp here. There is also the fact that it is common for the insurance companies to refuse responsibility for the accident. This requires some strategic and aggressive action on the part of the area’s best truck accident lawyer Boise in order to try and secure as much compensation as possible. This means identifying the multiple parties that have some kind of liability in the accident.

As for why these accidents are handled differently, it is because of the impact. The cab of an 18-wheeler can weigh 23,000 pounds by itself. Factor in the 80,000-pound maximum hauling weight that doesn’t require a special permit. This means that the hauling weight could be more than 80,000 pounds if there is a special permit allowing it.


There are very strict rules and regulations that interstate trucking companies and their drivers have to obey. These rules cover how much time they are to spend on the road before taking breaks, what they are allowed to haul, and how much they can haul. This is another major difference between regular car accidents and one with an 18-wheeler.

A third factor is that most commercial trucks have GPS tracking devices that a car accident lawyer in Utah can use to investigate what happened. This recording device is turned on by certain events so that it can record data about the truck’s movement. A sudden change in velocity, braking speed, RPMs, Speed, or sudden gear shift changes will set off this device. This is why in NYC you need a top notch Bronx truck accident lawyer.

The fourth factor is that the laws and regulations place strict requirements on the documenting and inspecting of the vehicles. Pre-trip and post-trip inspections need to be done and properly documented. All of these documents can also be obtained when investigating an accident.


Properly Investigating The Case

Most of the above elements aren’t factors in regular car accident cases, which is why your typical car accident may not require as much investigation. Yes, there needs to be an in-depth investigation involving everything from road conditions and the activities of the driver at fault to what occurred at the very moment of the accident and why in any case. When it comes to big truck accidents more than just the driver may be involved. The truck company, a weigh station, or even the manufacturer of the truck could be at fault. It is important to identify them all so they can be named in the claim.





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